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SmokeStik Electronic Cigarette FamilySmokeStik run’s and owns their own factory and has stricter control over the quality as the president regularly travels to China to oversee production. They are also known for their customer service and are one of the only e-cig companies to offer live, personal customer service and phone support 5 days a week provided by real SmokeStik users who have been extensively trained in the technical aspects of ecig use.

When you inhale on a SmokeStik e-cigarette an on-board microprocessor detects airflow which activates the heating element (also known as the atomizer) to heat the liquid stored in the replaceable cartrirdge. Each cartridge may or may not contain nicotine depending on the type of cartridge purchased. At the end of each SmokeStik is an orange LED light which “lights up” as you inhale.

The end result of this technology is that it almost tastes, feels, and even looks just like smoking a traditional tobacco cigarette…only without the smell and health issues.

SmokeStik premium platinum jet electronic cigaretteSmokeStiks come in 4 different color styles: SmokeStik Premium, SmokeStik JET, SmokeStik Exclusive Platinum, and SmokeStik Royale . SmokeStiks offers various starter packages which include a supply of liquid cartridges, charger, and electronic cigarette.

Combined with the fact that SmokeStiks are manufactured in the United States and SmokeStiks are a healthier alternative to tobacco smoking many celebrities such as Leonardo DiCaprio, Nikki Reed, Kevin Connolly, and rocker Tom Petty have made the switch to SmokeStiks.

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A Canadian news report looks into the benefits gained into switching from traditional tobacco cigarettes to SmokeStik electronic cigarettes

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Honolulu, HI

Skeptical at First, But an E-Cigarette Believer Now
I’ve been a smoker for about 10 years now. For the past year my doctor has been hassling me to quit smoking. It’s been really tough. I know I should, but I admit it…I’m hooked. Anyway, I was flipping through Life & Style magazine when I saw a feature about celebrities smoking e-cigarettes…specifically SmokeStiks e-cigarettes. I was curious to see what the hype was all about. After searching online for more information on electronic cigarettes I decided to take the plunge and recently bought a SmokeStik. I’ve tried nicotine patches and gum and failed miserably at getting myself off of tobacco cigarettes…so I was pretty skeptical if these e-cigs would do the trick. However, after my first week of using the e-cigs I hadn’t even smoked one tobacco cigarette yet! To be honest it’s not exactly like smoking tobacco cigarettes, but after getting used to it, it definitely has been a great replacement (plus I don’t reek of cigarette smoke anymore). I’m sticking with my smokestik for now :)

Kansas City, KS

SmokeStiks are Da e-Bomb
I like all kinds of gadgets…iPods, Zunes, digicams, ebook readers, etc…but an electronic cigarette?? I thought I liked my cigarettes strictly analog, but I tried one of these SmokeStiks at a store in the mall and was totally surprised that they had stuff like this. I had to buy it. Not only does it feel like I’m smoking (the light lighting up when you inhale is a nice touch), but I also get my nicotine fix and can smoke in places where other people can’t. Though, I haven’t got the courage to “smoke” on the airplane yet.

New York

SmokeStiks Are Fun!

After smoking for many years the “coolness” factor that first got me into smoking cigarettes as a teen kind of wears off and simply turns into something I need to do. So if you were to ask me if smoking is “fun” I’d definitely think you were crazy. It’s just become something that I need to do just like eating, sleeping, and breathing. But my wife apparently thinks otherwise and has threatened to leave me if I don’t quit (we are planning to have kids soon). So I started looking into smoking alternatives. I gave the Nicoderm patch a trial run and thought it kind of sucked. I missed the whole act of smoking so that didn’t last very long. My wife then heard about SmokeStiks from a friend and told me that maybe I should try them out. Not sure what I really expected from an electronic cigarette, but it’s been a blast smoking on these smokestiks (I bought the SmokeStik Premium version). People look at me funny as I smoke in “no smoking” areas, but after explaining and showing them that there’s no real smoke people seem pretty impressed (or at least confused).

SmokeStik Starter Kits

Limited time sale!!  Act Fast! 10% off all starter kits.  Use coupon code: ECIG10


SmokeStik Premium Starter Kit

The Premium is colored to look like a traditional tobacco cigarette.


SmokeStik JET Starter Kit

The JET is a sleek jet black colored electronic cigarette.


SmokeStik Platinum Starter Kit

The Platinum is a silver / platinum colored electronic cigarette.


SmokeStik Royale Starter Kit

The Royale is an electronic cigarette that is all white and features a transparent-crystal-like end which shines brightly when in use.

SmokeStik Hendu Elite

The Hendu is the latest in the SmokeStik line of cigarettes. It is the most luxurious looking with a crystal like the Royale but in a different color.

SmokeStik Frequently Asked Questions

Are SmokeStiks approved by the FDA?

Since SmokeStiks contain NO tobacco they do not need to be approved by the FDA.

How is SmokeStik safer than a traditional tobacco cigarette?

The most dangerous part of traditional smoking is the actual burning of tobacco. That process alone causes over 4000 dangerous chemicals to enter the air and ultimately your lungs. SmokeStik doesn’t not burn anything. Instead it creates vapor which means no more second hand smoke or dangerous chemicals.

How long does a liquid cartridge last in a SmokeStik?

It really depends on usage patterns. Some people have reported using 1 or less cartridges per day while others can use up to 3 per day. One SmokeStik cartridge is approximately half a pack of cigarettes.

How long can I use SmokeStik before I need to recharge it and how long does it take to charge?

Again this depends on usage patterns. Most of the time SmokeStik users can get away with charging their device once a day. Each charge takes about 3 to 4 hours. All SmokeStiks come with an extra battery so if you do run out you can recharge one while you use the other battery.

SmokeStik Press

SmokeStiks has received a lot of positive press and has been very popular with celebrities and the press in general.  Join the ranks of health conscious celebrities from Posh Spice, Naomi Campbell to casts members of  Twilight.  Browse the gallery below to see where SmokeStiks have shown up.

Some members of the SmokeStik Community:

  • Victoria Adams Beckham (Posh Spice)
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Kevin Conolly
  • Ashley Greene and Nikie Reed (New Mood)
  • Taryn Manning
  • Lady Victoria Harvey

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Reviews (1)

Review from Barney K on November 27, 2009
Overall Rating55555

I enjoy the SmokeStik a lot, its been great and I havent had regular cigarettes since. But truth me told, I haven’t tried the other ones.. I’m not sure what the difference is, can somebody enlighten me! I wouldn’t mind trying out the other brands as well. Or the other cartridges.

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