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When are E-Cig Cartridges Done?

Sometime’s it’s hard to tell when the electronic cigarette cartridge is out. If you read many instructions it will tell you the same thing that amounts to “if it runs out of vapor or loses flavor”. This may be true but from my experience the cartridge doesn’t just run out of vapor or lose flavor in such a black and white fashion. It’s a gradual process where the cartridge starts to lose flavor sometimes, then next thing you know it’s back again. Some puffs are empty of vapor and then it’s back again.  Some puffs taste like nasty chemicals and some taste perfectly fine. Unless you have a huge stock pile of cartridges which can be costly, you don’t want to just throw it away once it starts to run out.

So what’s the answer that I propose? To be honest I have no good answer and it probably does vary based off  the type and design of the cartridge as well as the electronic cigarettes. I was hoping to get some good feedback from our readers to see what their experiences are. But this is what I do:

I typically just wait till the flavor taste like crap first before I switch cartridges. This happens even before the vapor is gone. You can still get a good amount of vapor but it would taste a bit like smoking gasoline. How do I know what smoking gasoline feels like? just go to any gas station and you can take a whiff of the fumes, it’s kind of like that. So when I start to get that nasty fume taste, I put it down. I then pick it back up and try a couple more puffs JUST TO MAKE SURE because sometimes it still has many good puffs afterwards (the inconsistency!!) Then i throw it out.

So if anybody has tips for me let me know. I smoke the SmokeStik’s btw.

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