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The Downside of Electronic Cigarettes

After smoking the electronic cigarettes for over a year, there has definitely been some positive and healthy aspects of using the device, but it’s not all good. There are also some negative and annoying aspects to smoking the electronic cigarettes. I will talk about some of them here.

Conclusive Health Benefits

Because e-cigs has such as presence online, it’s hard to filter out the real information from the marketing information about the product. This is often annoying since the main reason for most users to use electronic cigarettes is for the health benefits.

While it does seem obvious to me that smoking ANYTHING can be detrimental to your health, there still aren’t many official scientific studies about electronic cigarettes besides some that electronic cigarette companies put out. Is “vaping” that much healthier in the short and long term?

Finding Good Quality Electronic Cigarettes

Many people think that most of the eletronic cigarettes are about the same but this is not true. I’ve tried a variety of them and while some proved to be effective, others were so annoying to use that I rarely used them. They were either too heavy, batteries did not last long enough or the cartridges that contained the nicotine liquid were not that effective and not much vapor was formed. Other problems included some of the batteries breaking, redering only 1 effective battery left.

Some of the top electronic cigarettes that we promote on this site and that have been decent quality are these:

Ordering Electronic Cigarettes

Depending where you live, finding stores that carry electronic cigarettes could be difficult. This leaves ordering them online the best option. While this may be easy for those living in the United States, some people that live abroad may have a harder time, especially if potential vendors are banned from selling them.

The Cost

Many electronic cigarettes charge quite a bit for new cartridges and for starter kits, claiming that smoking regular cigarettes are much more expensive. While this is generally true, the product itself is fairly simple and the markup is definitely high. That is probably why there are so many different brands from different companies, anybody can start an “Electronic Cigarette Company”.


In general the product does work, but like everything else in life it is not a cure all. If you are in the mood to quit and really are motivated to do so, electronic cigarettes can definitely help with that process. But if you think that smoking electronic cigarettes is just as satisfying as smoking regular cigarettes, you should lower your expectations.

A lot of the nicotine content does not enter your bloodstream like it does when you smoke regular cigarettes. Your cravigns my subside after having many puffs of electronic cigarettes but the process is slower than the rush you get when you have a normal cigarette after you haven’t had one in a while.

I know many people that smoke regular cigarettes and electronic cigarettes.. it’s even possible that electronic cigarettes increase your need for nicotine and make you more addicted if you aren’t used to consuming that much nicotine normally.


While e-cigs definitely does have it’s positive aspects and can be a great tool in the process of quitting, it’s not the end all and be all and as long as your expectations are in lined with the actual results, you should be fine.

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Reviews (2)

Review from annavalentin on February 12, 2011
Overall RatingNot Rated

im trying this for the fist time and everytime i take a drag i choke is it normal

Review from admin on February 13, 2011
Overall RatingNot Rated

probably shouldn’t choke. take lighter hits.. see what works for you

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