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Bad Effects of Electronic Cigarettes


There’s is obviously a lot of marketing material talking about the positive effects of electronic cigarettes. Heck, this site is one of them, we pitch the positive effects of e-cigs and I personally write about my own experiences I have when I smoke electronic cigarettes.

I have been smoking electronic cigarettes for a while now, long enough to know that there are negatives. Here’s a list of some of them, mainly from my experiences in smokeing SmokeStiks and My Luci e-cigs:

  • Still causes some irritation in the throat: Not as much as smoking cigarettes, but when I smoke a couple cartridges a day I will still feel a bit sore the next day in the throat and sometimes it leads to a bit of coughing as well. This could be due to the water vapor building up in your throat after a lot of smoking or it could be due to the heated vapor slightly burning and causing irritation in your throat.
  • Inconsistent smoke: SmokeStiks and My Luci e-cigs are pretty good with burning of the vapor in a consistent fashion but not always. Sometimes you will have good vapor and then the next couple of hits will be bad, leading you to think you need a new cartridge. Then, the next thing you know, its back to being good quality vapor again. This could be annoying because you’re not sure if you should REALLY change cartridges.
  • Battery life: Although you usually get 2 batteries with your order of electronic cigarettes so you do have a back up, they run out quite fast and if you are not at home, it could be pretty annoying to run out and not be able to replace the battery.
  • HOT HOT HOT: The Luci Cigarette and even the SmokeStik can heat up relatively quickly even after a few puffs. This forces you to be able to only take a couple hits before it’s too hot to handle. Although taking lighter and shorter hits can prevent this, it can still be annoying.

There you have it, a short list of things that annoy me about electronic cigarettes. That being said I still think it is healthier than smoking regular cigarettes and the benefits can outweigh smoking regular cigarettes enormously.

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Reviews (1)

Review from edward on March 28, 2011
Overall RatingNot Rated

i actually agree with all of that informations. just like a few minutes ago, i changed the cartridge of my e-cigarette and used it. after some puffs, it doesn’t produce good vapor. i was thinking why is it like that? it confuses me if the cartridge is defected, or it is the cigarette that is.

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