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FDA Warnings about Electronic Cigarettes

This first video is a basic warning against smoking electronic cigarettes.  The second is a man name Shawns rant against the FDA warnings about smoking e-cgis.  He raises many great points and this issue should definitely be looked into deeper by government officials in the United States before making accusations or calling a product “dangerous”.  Issues discussed in the videos below:

  • There are stern warnings from the FDA about the carcinogens in electronic cigarettes
  • Tests of a few cartridges show toxic chemicals and dangerous levels of nicotine contained in them
  • Shawn talks about how he smoked for 20 years and then started smoking e-cigarettes and have since stopped smoking regular tobacco cigarettes completely
  • He talks about the FDA report and cancer toxins in the e-cigs and how the studies done were not thorough enough
  • He believes the FDA should regulate these electronic cigarettes instead of trying to ban them
  • Shawn discusses the e-cig juice (what supplies the electronic cigarettes with nicotine and flavor)
  • He sees how certain containers could be dangerous if found by children because of the dangerous levels of nicotine in them
  • He believes that a big concern to the FDA and pharmaceutical companies is the fact that they will lose out on a lot of money from regulated smoking cessation devices if the e-cig is not banned
  • A big problem that was raised was how the electronic cigarette was never compared to regular cigarette and the dangers of them in their studies, but instead compared to the nicotine inhaler.
  • DEG, the product that contains cancer was found in 1 cartridge out of 18 tested and contained less than 1%
  • The FDA also did not include “responsible” manufacturers in the study, some who are official registered with the FDA

** After all these studies, there has not been and conclusive facts against electronic cigarettes such as health hazards, injuries or deaths from individuals.  This is partially due to the fact that the product has not been studied enough which hopefully will change.

One bottom line fact remains.  If Shawn, the creator of the second video did not discover electronic cigarettes, he would have smoked tobacco cigarettes till he died.

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