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Nicotine GUM linked to Cancer?


There was some research reports released about nicotine gum and cancer.  The story about it is here.  I’m glad I heard about this research but at the same time it could be misleading since the studies done were not done in human subjects but human cells. GlaxoSmithKline quickly responded to this claim my releasing their own statement which can be found below the report.

I would like to hear more details about this report and exactly what the conditions were when tested.  This is a concern to me because if nicotine gum can cause cancer, it is not far fetched to assume that other nicotine replacement therapies like the inhaler and e-cigs can as well.  As it stands right now I have quit smoking and have moved to electronic cigarettes in hopes of better long term health.  While using the device has definitely helped, concerns over the safety of the nicotine laced vapor has been on my mind as im sure it has been on the minds of many e-cig smokers.  For now I will continue to use the device and eventually quit using all types of nicotine replacement therapy.  But thats more of a long term goal.

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