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Welcome to Electronic Cigarette Information

Welcome to Electronic Cigarette Information, your information resource for all things related to electronic cigarettes.  Here you can browse our e-cigarette directory and learn more about some of the most popular electronic cigarettes on the market such as SmokeStiks, Luci, and Cigana.  Not only do we find the most relevant e-cig information, news, and reviews about electronic cigarettes, but we also look for the best deals.  Everybody has difference experiences with the electronic cigarette, but to provide you with honest, up to date and personalized experience of one of our writers Franklin, he has chosen to blog about his transition from analog cigarettes to electronic cigarettes. If you want to see a large variety of electronic cigarettes, check out our Top Electronic Cigarettes of 2010 section:

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Wait a Minute!  What’s an Electronic Cigarette?

Believe it or not but there is such a thing as an electronic cigarette.  It’s not the best name since technically you are not smoking anything but are instead inhaling vapor.  But looking at an electronic cigarette it’s easy to see why they call it a “cigarette.”

electronic cigarette explanation diagram

Each manufacturer’s electronic cigarette is designed slightly different, however all typically share similar parts.  The inhaler is where a user places their mouth and inhales.  This is also where the liquid that is to be converted into vapor is stored.  The atomizing device is a heating device which heats the liquid to turn it into vapor.  The battery component houses the electricity needed to power the atomizer.  And then finally the indicator light is an LED light which lights up when a user inhales (thus simulating the same effect as smoking a real cigarette).

The electronic cigarette doesn’t burn tobacco like a traditional cigarette, but instead electronically heats up a liquid (typically stored in cartridges) which turns the liquid into a vapor, very much like steam, which then a user can inhale.  The term “vaping” is sometimes used in placed of “smoking” because technically you aren’t breathing in smoke anymore.  Normally the liquid is mixed with different flavors and nicotine so when a user inhales they can still get similar feelings to traditional smoking without all the health risks associated with traditional smoking.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarettes

leonardo dicaprio smokes electronic cigarettes

  • Save money over buying tobacco cigarettes
  • Healthier than traditional tobacco cigarettes
  • Smoke in smoke free areas: restaurants, hotels, etc… (remember electronic cigarettes create vapor, not smoke)
  • Vapor is odor free so it keeps you and others from smelling of smoke
  • Coolness factor, many celebrities are switching to electronic cigarettes now you can be just as “cool”

Electronic Cigarette History

Hon Like inventor of electronic cigaretteIn 2003, the electronic cigarette was invented by a Chinese pharmacist named Hon Lik as a safer alternative to smoking traditional tobacco cigarettes.  Hon who was an avid smoker finally kicked the habit after his father, also a heavy smoker, died of lung cancer.  Hon was motivated to create this less toxic alternative after witnessing first hand the pain and suffering lung cancer caused.  While he never intended electronic cigarettes to be used as a tool to help people quit smoking many users have been able to transition to to these types of cigarettes and reduce their reliance on traditional tobacco cigarettes.

smoking electronic cigaretteNot surprisingly, the use of nicotine patches or nicotine gum to help smoking cessation is not that effective (some have reported only a 7% success rate after 12 months).  Hon Lik realized that not only are smokers addicted to the actual nicotine in tobacco cigarettes, but also addicted to the actual act of smoking–holding a cigarette, placing it in the mouth, and inhaling.   So by creating electronic cigarettes that mimic the act of traditional smoking while still providing nicotine, it makes switching away from tobacco cigarettes much easier than other alternatives.

Are Electronic Cigarettes Dangerous for You?

While the dangers of electronic cigarette smoking are still being investigated the initial research has been very positive.  The biggest health advantage electronic cigarettes have over tobacco cigarettes are that electronic cigarettes do not have all the carcinogens created by burning and inhaling tobacco smoke.  Electronic cigarettes create vapor which make it healthier than smoking.

Doctor Murray LaugesenDr. Murray Laugesen, a leading researcher in the field of electronic cigarettes, smoking policy and cigarettes,  summarized it well.

People “are not going to die from an e-cigarette – but they could die tomorrow from a heart attack due to their smoking. The carcinogens that we have found are in very, very small quantities, just above the level of detection.

This means that the level of carcinogens in electronic cigarettes barely registers in the tests they conducted.  The other concern people have is that the actual liquid that is converted into vapor may be dangerous for people.  The liquid that is inhaled is a solution of nicotine, propylene glycol, and less commonly, glycerin.  While propylene glycol and glycerin might sound scary these chemicals are all approved by the FDA and are commonly used food additives such as cake mixes, salad dressings, and soft drinks.

Popular Electronic Cigarette brands

SmokeStik electronic cigarette


SmokeStik’s electronic cigarettes are one of the few e-cigarettes which are manufactured and distributed in the United States. Many other electronic cigarette vendors sell imported e-cigarettes from China. The current popular SmokStik packages include the SmokeStik Jet, SmokeStik Platinum, and the SmokeStik Royale starter kits.

Learn About SmokeStik E-Cigarettes

Luci Electronic Cigarettes


Luci sums up their company and electronic cigarettes eloquently: “Smokes with Benefits.” And thanks to Luci’s e-cigarettes there are many benefits.

Learn About Luci E-Cigarettes

cigana electronic cigarette


By switching to Cigana you can enjoy the effects of nicotine without the harmful effects of traditional cigarettes, but at the same time feel like you are actually smoking.

Learn About Cigana E-Cigarettes

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